Are you looking for an English Springer Spaniel puppy on the internet?

You have come to the right place because

I've got some "tips" for you that will help you find

the very best Springer puppy for you and your family.

Hello. My name is Sasz and I will be

your teacher today.

The first thing I want to stress is the

importance of buying your Springer Spaniel

puppy from a reputable breeder. How, you may ask,

do you know who is a reputable breeder

and who is not.

As you surf the internet for English Springer Spaniel

breeders, watch out for flashy web sites that are ONLY all about

selling puppies. Reputable breeders will have a 

web-site that offers educational information with links 

to our parent clubís web-site and to local dog club web-sites.

Here are a few easy "Red Flags"

! Reputable Springer breeders do not mass produce puppies.

Any breeder who has puppies available more often than twice

per year should be approached with caution. A breeder

who offers puppies available in intervals of months should be

considered a puppy mill. Even if these breeders claim to

have championship pedigrees, health checks and guarantees,

frequent breeding is a RED ALERT that they are breeding for profit.

! Advertising Springer puppies for sale is in itself, a warning sign.

When the breeder offers to arrange for shipping (air flight arrangements)

or if they take credit cards or PayPal, that is a definite sign that

they produce puppies as a product.

No matter how one paints the picture, puppies for profit is the definition of a Puppy Mill.

 ! If the dogs are not registered with the AKC. 

Even if they are registered with AKC, that 

is no indication of the quality of the dog. 

Be careful. Other "registries", which were 

created for puppy mills and backyard 

breeders, use very similar letters.

 ! If a breeder boasts' having "rare colors" 

such as "lemon" or "triís" . Lemons 

are an undesirable trait and triís 

are not rare.

! If the Springer puppies are allowed to go to their new 

homes prior to 8 weeks.

! If the mother and father have not had their 

hips certified by the Orthopedic Foundation 

for Animals and had their eyes examined 

by a canine ophthalmologist within one year of the litter.

! If the breeder doesnít ask you any questions.

If the Springer breeder uses any terms like

"Triple Champion" or "Blue Blood". The only  

terminology for an AKC Champion is 

"Champion" with initials "Ch" or "GCh" in front of their registered name.

A few champions that are generations back in a pedigree does not 

constitute a "championship pedigree."


The web-sites whose only focus is selling English Springer puppies 

could be considered backyard breeders. These are not 

reputable breeders. Backyard breeders "produce" 

as much as 67% of all the dogs born annually in this country.

Of the 52.9 million dogs who live in the United States,

approximately 2.9 million of them are killed in shelters

annually (AVMA, 1998, and AHA, 1998).

How do we stop backyard breeders?

You can stop them by not buying from them.

If they cannot make a profit from their "crop" of

puppies, they will stop their breeding factories and

seek their fortune from some other unscrupulous means.

Where do you find a reputable English Springer Spaniel breeder?

Start by going to our Parent Club web site,

and read the valuable information available there.

( Wait...don't go there yet! )

Be sure and click on the Spaniel Manual. This manual 

has great questions that the potential puppy buyer 

should ask breeders. It also lets you know the 

questions you can expect a breeder to ask you. Yes, 

quality breeders interview prospective puppy buyers 

as if they are adopting one of their children. 

You should welcome this interview process.

Also, on the parent club web-site, there is a 

Springer breeder referral link where you can get a list 

of members who have agreed to abide by the 

ESSFTA Guidelines for Responsible Breeders.



Reputable English Springer Spaniel breeders may not always

have puppies available. You might be placed on a waiting list. 

Don't expect to go "pickin up paw-paws and put'em in your basket".

A Pet Store or Backyard Breeder will display their "product"

in a window or a batch of pictures and offer a choice

on a first come, first serve basis. 

There is much more to consider than just what the puppy looks
like and the reputable breeder is an expert in those considerations.
A Springer reputable breeder, with many years of experience,
knows the individual behavior traits and temperament of
each puppy in a litter.  A program of Temperament Testing is
done on each puppy to determine individual socializing
characteristics and by the time the pups are old enough to go
to their new homes, the breeder knows enough about the
expecting families and each pup's personality to match
the right pup with the right family. Again, you should 
welcome this help from the breeder.
Having preferences is natural, in terms of wanting a
male or female or stating your preference of color. 
The more flexible you are regarding specific color,
markings or sex, the better chance there is of 
matching you with a beautiful, healthy puppy.
If, however, you strictly limit your preferences to a
  " shopping list ", 

your shopping cart might be empty when you get to the

check-out counter. 

Remember, reputable breeders have spent years producing 

a family of healthy happy dogs. They have invested countless 

hours and many sleepless nights caring for the litter. 

Reputable breeders breed for themselves first and not for

 profit.  So please keep this in mind when a breeder makes 

the carefully considered match of puppy for you.

Why, you may ask, would you want to buy a puppy from

a "show breeder" or a "field breeder", if what you want 

is just a family companion? Because showing dogs and 

achieving a title of Champion is the only genuinely 

objective way to measure the dog to the Breed Standard. 

Only those dogs who meet the Breed Standard 

should ever be considered for reproducing. 

Even though you do not want a show dog, you deserve

a pet that is the end result of a carefully planned litter--

a pup which received the same care as a potential champion.

(see the Breed Standard from our Links page)

"Pleazzzzze !!!! Take my advice."

Take the time to find a Reputable English Springer Spaniel Breeder.


Don't forget to consider a Springer in need of a loving home from the

ESRA (English Springer Rescue America)

Our Links page can take you right to their web site where there are

photos of Springers who would love to be adopted and 

share a lifetime of happiness with you.



Thank you for your time and attention.


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